Gaia Mini Candle

IDR 145,000.00

Gaia Mini Candle

IDR 145,000.00
Mini Candle - 100gr

Gaia - Mother Earth

Gaia honors our precious homeland with reminiscent of earthy florals. Capturing the strength and delicacy of Rose and Iris, as they bloom to breathtaking beauty. The thread of notes weaves the tradition of oriental scent with Vetiver and Plum. Ending notes of Vetiver and Musk reflect an earthy sensuality.


Top : Plum
Heart : Rose, Iris, Cedarwood
Base : Vetiver, Vanilla, Musk

Family : Floral Oriental

Sciesa candles are hand-poured in a matte painted glass. Made of organic soy wax with cotton wick and can burn up to 30 hours.